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Communications Plan Assignment Addressing Issues Encounter By Blue Room Theatre

Task: Communications Plan Assignment Task: You will be producing an abridged (shortened) Communications Plan for the Blue Room Theatre. In response to recent events, such as Covid-19 and reduced funding for the Arts, as well as the organization's failure to secure Australia Council Funding in 2020, you will need to formulate a plan based on the acquisition of funds, as well as maintaining the Blue Room Theatre’s presence in the community. You will be required to research the situation thoroughly and incorporate theory into your decision-making. Your Plan will have the following sections: Background & Problem Definition (750-1000 words) Define the parameters of your scenario and an overview of your client and current situation. Include a discussion of the current environment – artistic, business and media – that will give you an idea of how to position your client in the marketplace. Remember that you are working with an artist/client/creative that has no money to spend on advertising, promotion and marketing (at the moment) – this will be one of your key problems to solve. Stakeholder analysis (750-1000 words) This is critical to success. Stakeholders need to be identified in terms of potential partnerships, sponsorships and grants. Audience identification is also critical here and needs to be done in as much detail as possible. We expect a lot of research in this section. Research for strategy formulation (500-750 words) Identify one PR theory/principle as directed in weeks 3-5. Discuss how this will be used in your strategy formulation. Your strategy should detail how you will solve your problem – (your problem is funds acquisition and public awareness/perception) Messages & medium (300-500 words) Identify your key stakeholder ‘groups’ – similar demographics, psychographics and/or other classification. Formulate a key message for each of these groups, as well as any potential media that can be used to reach them. Discuss how and why this will work using the research and theory from your other sections.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Undergraduate

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