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Compare the operation of EPB systems with EBPP systems. Explain their similarities and differences

A set of 3 questions is being provided. Each will require a short answer response.

1. Compare the operation of EPB systems (Electronic Bill Payment) with EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) systems. Explain their similarities and differences.

2. Complete Problem and Question is provided in enclosed PDF document named: Assessment 1_Question 2 3. Resolve Problem 6.8 Problem 6.8: In a discussion with a colleague the following statement is made to you: ¨I was explaining data flow diagrams to our client this morning. It took a while but eventually they got the idea that all internal entities must be within the organization. Similarly, all external entities must be outside the organization. How much more simple can it be?


a) Evaluate the extent to which your colleague is correct.

b) Justify whether your colleague is right or wrong, using references to the definition of internal and external entities, and use an example to illustrate your position.

Reference List:

It must be formatted according to the Harvard requirements. Please note there are no instructions about the word number. I have included around 500 as it says short answer, but the important thing is to completely address the question, being very precise on what is being asked and not repeating the question in the answer. If more words are needed I am happy to pay the difference, as I only care about a really good answer.

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