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Computer Security Assignment: Cyber Threats & Encryption

Task: Your computer security assignment must address the following points: 1. Based on your personal experiences or those of someone you know (you may have to interview other students or a friend), write a paragraph regarding a computer attack that occurred. When did it happen and what was the attack? What type of damage did it inflict? List the reason or reasons you think that the attack was successful. How was the computer fixed after the attack? What could have prevented it? 1. Describe onion router and its purposes. Download onion router and using Wireshark capture packets coming out of onion router when you visit a website. What path are the packets taking to go out of the network? 2. Download “smb3-aes-128-ccm.pcap” from the following link Analyze the pcap file using Wireshark and list down all information you can read from the packets. 3. Download PGP (freeware or paid) and try to encrypt an email using someone's public key. Describe other functions that you can do with PGP 4. Download any steganography software and demonstrate hiding a 500kB document in the software– 5. Password cracking : Create a digest on a password and then crack it with an online cracking website to demonstrate the speed of cracking passwords. You can create 10 different passwords and see how those passwords could be cracked. Note : The first step is to use a hash algorithm to create a password digest. Use your web browser to go You can use to check the password cracking time. 6. QR code has different vulnerabilities and it could easily exploit. With the help of explain how an attacker could use a QR code to direct a victim to a malicious website?

Subject Name: Computer Science

Level: Undergraduate

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