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Conceptual And Logical Model Of Sun Valley Database System

Task: The Sun Valley college database stores information about a teaching process: ? Employees are divided into three categories: staff, administrators and professors The following information about all employees needs to be stored: empID, first and last names, and a hire date. A staff member can have Level 1 or Level 2 Administrator info: Admin position Professor info: specialty and rank A professor may also be an administrator The College has five faculties, and, in turn, each faculty is divided into departments Only a professor can be a Dean of a faculty or a Head of a department The faculty information to be stored: facultyID and facultyName The Department information to be stored: depatmentID and departmentName A department provides courses (courseID, Title, Description and credits) If a course currently is being taught, then a class with maximum 50 students is assigned for the course (classID, classTime) with a professor who is teaching the course The following information is stored about students: studentID, first and last names, email Students belong only to one department Students are enrolled in one or more classes A staff member is assigned to each student as an advisor A room (roomID, type) is assigned to each class A college campus consists of several buildings, and each room is associated with a building Your assignment consists of two parts. Part 1. Conceptual Model Identify Entities Identify entity supertypes and subtypes and their types, inheritance, and discriminators. Describe relationships between entities and their cardinalities Identify entity primary, candidate, and surrogate keys Draw a Conceptual Model Entity-Relationship diagram Part 2. Logical Model Describe data attributes and their types for each entity Identify foreign keys for each entity if there are any one-to-one relationships then describe them Redesign the Conceptual model removing many-to-many relationships Draw a Logical Model diagram

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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