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Constant review of Ovolo Hotels quality and control management procedures

The Quality Policy of Ovolo Hotels is to provide customers with an exceptional experience through high levels of customer service and luxury life style. This is achieved through creating a dynamic life style hospitality providing visitors with an effortless living. Ovolo Hotels view is to create a hotel chain that is inspirational to all visitors which will assist in creating a hotel chain that is a leader in the market of accommodation.

In order to achieve the quality aspects: Ovolo hotel is committed to the following:

• Constant review of Ovolo Hotels quality and control management procedures.

• Adhere to international hotel standards to achieve a high quality standard environment.

• Adhere to local standards and regulations.

• Constantly inspect the quality of service procedures.

• Constantly inform Ovolo Hotels stake holders with the latest reports and future plans, therefore, creating an environment of trust and team spirit

• Ensuring that all hotels are a safe environment for residents and workers

• Providing employees with constant training courses and programs to ensure that all employees adhere to the standards of quality.

• Collect information regarding customer satisfaction through surveys or assess customer feedback verbally.

• Ensure that Ovolo Hotels suppliers adhere to the company standards of quality

• Provide exceptional service to ensure stakeholders obtain better return on investment

• Set yearly objectives to achieve and monitor and control for development purposes.

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