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Consumer behaviour assignment: Online Avatar of Zeekit

Task: QUESTION ONE: The information below is for a new virtual shopping platform, called Zeekit. The service allowsshoppers to virtually try on any outfit with their own avatar that is constructed from their 3D image.This allows them to envision their desired state while trying on the clothes virtually.Using your knowledge of ‘re-embodiment of the extended self’ (Belk, 2013), explain how using anonline avatar while shopping solves problem recognition in consumer decision-making. In youranswer you will discuss how re-embodiment supports consumers in their decision-making search togo from an ‘actual state’ to a ‘desired state’. QUESTION TWO: Firstly, discuss what a cultural ritual is, and then explain the four components of rituals. Secondly,provide an example of a ritual, justify why it is a ritual, and include the four components of that ritual. QUESTION THREE: Firstly, define what is meant by consumerism and then discuss three different ideologies associatedwith consumerism. Use examples to illustrate each ideology. Secondly, explain why consumerismmay be a problem for society. Finally, provide your thoughts on marketing as a social agent inconsumerist societies and outline what types of practices empower consumers within a consumeristsociety.

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Undergraduate

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