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Conventional accounting ratios and differential ratios can help resolve those issues

Question 1 (2000 words) You are required to project, for ARM Holding plc, a five year forecast of earnings, balance sheet and cash flow giving a detailed explanation of the assumptions you have made and a discussion of the strategic implications of your forecast for the firm. Question 2 (750 words) For ARM Holdings plc you are required to: (i) Specify the five key financial issues faced by ARM Holdings plc (ii) Discuss the extent to which both conventional accounting ratios and differential ratios can help resolve those issues (you should give examples of what you believe are key ratios as appropriate). Question 3 (750 words) You have been asked to value a small company formed from a subsidiary of a larger firm that has been acquired by its managers. They are financing their purchase using a loan guaranteed against their personal real estate property. Discuss the issues you would consider and the models you might employ in such a valuation. Question 4 (750 words) Option pricing methods provide a means of assessing the potential default risk of a company and the recoverability of its debt from the investors’ point of view. Outline the general methodology of default risk assessment using option pricing and compare and contrast this approach with those using conventional accounting measures Question 5 (750 words) The financial performance of a business is dependent, amongst other things, on the good governance and the expert judgement of its senior management and executive team. Discuss the extent to which this statement reflects your understanding of the ‘good corporation’.

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