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Corporate Finance Assignment: Merger Acquisition Of Amazon & Whole Foods Market

Task: You are required to select any merger /acquisition deal of your choice that has occurred within the last 10years in the sectors listed below and perform the tasks (a-c) for the acquirer (an if possible the target as well): Financial Technology Energy (oil, power, etc.) Automobile and Aviation Pharmaceuticals Critically reflect on the rationale for the merger/acquisition and its financing. Examine the performance by using suitable financial indicators such as profitability ratios (comparing pre and post-merger/acquisition financial ratios). Your analysis should make use of statistical techniques, for example, t-test in the examination of these ratios. Throughout this corporate finance assignment, examine whether the official announcement elicited stock market reaction in the context of shareholder value. You may use theories such as the Efficient Market Hypothesis to examine this requirement. Event Study technique is highly recommended for this investigation.

Subject Name: Finance

Level: Undergraduate

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