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Corporate governance indicators of the selected 2 companies and discuss the effectiveness, strength

Part A involves case study on the following questions:

1. Identify and illustrate how the two sample companies disclose their corporate governance strategies, policies and practices. (i.e., approaches considered)

2. Compute the following corporate governance indicators from the collected annual reports for the selected two companies:

a) Total number of directors (i.e., board size);

b) Percentage of non-executive directors (if any);

c) Percentage of independent directors (if any);

d) The name of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and/or Chairman and the summary of his/her statement in the annual reports for the selected companies;

e) Percentage of share hold by the executive directors; and

f) Percentage of shares owned by the block-holders and institutional investors.

3. Compare the corporate governance indicators of the selected two companies and discuss the effectiveness, strength, and adequacy of the corporate governance practices and principles adopted by these companies.

Part B involves writing an essay on Corporate Governance : The essay is to be written on the role of corporate governance in accounting. Your essay should demonstrate a wide range of aspects of corporate governance including practices in relation to corporate failure, approaches to corporate governance, roles of ASIC and CLERP 9 in Australia, independent director, ethics and integrated reporting and its reflection of international perspectives and developments. You must incorporate academic and professional research including theoretical praxis in your essay.

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