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Create a share register NB sections 167, 168 and 169

Register a Proprietary Limited CO.You should refer to Section 117 of the Corp. Act, complete an APPLICATION FORM and and prepare all relevant consents NB section 117(2).You must also create a share register NB sections 167, 168 and 169. PREPARE a CONSTITUTION - refer to sections 134 and 135.Your company's INTERNAL MANAGEMENT is to be governed by a COMBINATION of replaceable rules and a constitution. THE CONSTITUTION MUST ONLY MAKE PROVISION FOR A CLASS OF REDEEMABLE PREFERENCE SHARES- NB sections 254A(2) and (3) of the Corp Act. PART 2 - 15 %. RESEARCH then EXPLAIN the REASON and JUSTIFICATION for the following sections of the Corp Act :- SECTION 124; SECTION 129(1) and SECTION 588M(3). Your analysis of each section is worth 5% .WORD LIMIT -aprox 200 words per section.

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