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Critical Analysis Of Governmental Department Case Study

ing the Old Concept in Light of New Findings” (2019) 34 Journal of Information Technology 102. [6] Stefan Bente, Uwe Bombosch and Shailendra Langade, Collaborative Enterprise Architecture?: Enriching EA with Lean, Agile, and Enterprise 2.0 Practices (Morgan Kaufmann 2015). [7] Phil Woodworth, A Reference Architecture for Enterprise Architecture?: According to EA3, Documented in EA3 (Phil Woodworth, Naremburn, A 2015). [8] Efthimios Tambouris and others, “Fostering Enterprise Architecture Education and Training with the Enterprise Architecture Competence Framework” (2015) 16 International Journal of Training and Development 128. [9] Aileen Cater-Steel, Information Technology Governance and Service Management?: Frameworks and Adaptations (Information Science Reference 2019). [10] Charlie Catlett and Rayid Ghani, “Big Data for Social Good” (2015) 3 Big Data 1. [11] Shazeaa Azhar, “The Relationship between Customer Knowledge and Customer Relationship Management Towards Service Quality in Malaysia” [2015] SSRN Electronic Journal. [12] Asif Qumer Gill and Muhammad Atif Qureshi, “Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Modelling” (2015) 10 Journal of Software 628. [13] Yoshimasa Masuda and others, “Architecture Board Practices in Adaptive Enterprise Architecture with Digital Platform” (2018) 14 International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems 1. [14] Christopher G Glazner, “Enterprise Transformation Using a Simulation of Enterprise Architecture” (2016) 1 Journal of Enterprise Transformation 231.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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