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Critical Analysis On It Audit Report

Task: This assessment is designed to assess students’ ability to apply theoretical learning to practical, realworld situations. In this assessment students are given an IT audit report conducted by the office ofthe Western Australia Auditor General and asked to do the followings: Identify the audit focus and scope Analyse audit findings in the Recruitment Advertisement Management System of the WesternAustralia Government Analyse audit findings in the Horizon Power Analyse audit findings pertinent to the Pensioner Rebate Scheme and Exchange departments Analyse audit findings in the New Land Registry office Point out the professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities of an IT auditor. In completing this assessment successfully, you will be able to learn how to analyse an IT audit report,learn relevant legislation, generally accepted auditing standards and ISACA’s CORBIT framework,which will help in achieving ULO1, ULO-2, ULO-3, ULO-4, ULO-5, ULO-6, and ULO-7.

Subject Name: Audit

Level: Undergraduate

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