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Cyber Security Risks: Australian Blood Donation Company Ltd

Brief description of assessment task : This task requires you to demonstrate the ability to conduct an investigation of security management issues in corporate organisations based on a real-life case study as outlined in the background information provided below and write a report. In your report, you will be required to follow prescribed procedures to evaluate risk levels and the potential impact of threats and vulnerabilities for a real-life organisation. You will be assessed on your ability to analyse the security requirements and objectives of the organisation as well as the efficacy of the risk management strategies that they’ve implemented. Background information: Your report should be based on the following real-life case study: The personal data including the addresses of more than half a million blood donors across Australia was compromised in a massive security breach at the Australian Red Cross that has been blamed on human error. Following an Australian government enquiry, your security company has been hired to undertake a security analysis in relation to the incident and write a report about cyber security risks. You can find details of the enquiry at: Based on the findings of the enquiry, your task is to write a report that includes the following: Assessment 2: individual problem-solving task 2 A security risk assessment that addresses future cyber security risks, threats and vulnerabilities to the Australian Red Cross blood donor system (these can be technical or business risks). A business requirements analysis that assesses future business requirements of the Australian Red Cross, which may include technical, policy, human and governance aspects.

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Postgraduate

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