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DAT 520 9-2 Final Project: Submission


Submit your decision analysis model and report, compiling all the components used to develop the model and produce the report, as well as a leading abstract, table of contents, and in a format that addresses all of the critical elements in the rubric.

Remember to craft the Introduction to your paper as this was not turned in as a Milestone. Be sure to address the following critical elements from your Final Project Document in your Introduction:

  • Purpose of Analysis: What is the explicit decision analysis question being researched? Provide discussion and background supporting the research purpose.

  • Type of Analysis: Explain in detail with supporting examples the basis of the analysis. What type of model will be used for this analysis and why? Intended Populations: Who is the intended population for the use of the analysis results? It is important to know who will be using the results of the analysis.

  • Use of Analysis: What is the practical use of the results of the analysis? How can the analysis make a difference in practice?

The final project document is more than just stapling together the previous three milestones. You must tie it all together by writing sections that detail the limitations and justification for your analysis.

You should also take the time to address any ethical or legal issues that connect with your results or decisions being analyzed. Lastly, you should address the agility of your analysis and how it might be applied to future uses.

Review the eight Exemplar documents, located in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics area of your course, for an example of prior final project submissions that include all the required elements.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.

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