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DAT 690 1-2 Discussion: Data Analytics Reflection

After introducing yourself to your classmates in your Getting Started post, reflect upon your experience in the MS in Data Analytics program thus far, up through DAT 650. Your capstone experience marks an important milestone in your journey to earning your degree, and it is just as important to reflect upon your challenges and successes as it is to implement and present your data analytic solution. What challenges have you faced as a graduate student at SNHU? What successes are you most proud of? More specifically, what anxieties do you have about DAT 690? What are you excited about? Consider what strategies have helped you succeed in the past and what content knowledge will help you thrive in DAT 690.

In your responses to your classmates, share your advice for managing any anxieties about DAT 690 and begin to find common ground.

To complete this assignment, review the Capstone Discussion Rubric document.

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