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DAT 690 1-3 Journal: DAT 650 Pilot Revision


Journaling throughout the term will prepare you to submit the second capstone component. In the first journal assignment, critically assess the feedback provided to you by your instructor (and peers) on the project that you completed for DAT 650. Which parts need revision and/or further development? Which parts might be extraneous? Identify which tools (Excel with TreePlan, Visio, RStudio, QlikView, and JMP Pro) you plan to use in your project, and describe any challenges you might anticipate working with them.

Utilize your journal as a space to maintain an ongoing, one-on-one dialogue with your instructor. Your classmates will not be able to read your journal posts, so feel free to candidly share your concerns and excitement about your capstone project. Treat your journal assignments as if they were face-to-face meetings with your instructor and answer each question in the prompt to the best of your ability, being sure to explain your answers in full detail.

For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

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