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Data Analytics Assignment: Case Scenarios Based On Intelligent Systems

1 The data set used for the design of this data set are the two result data set found from the previous question. This has been chosen so as to analyze the trend of the relation between the different data in the tables. The charts has been created in Excel. The each of the tables comprised of 40 data points with six columns: Row no., Firm, prediction (Category), confidence (1), confidence (0), and WC. The four charts created depict the three main data components of the data set. The first chart shows the plotting of prediction (Category) and WC and the plotting of prediction (Category) along with confidence (1) and confidence (0). Both type of charts has been drawn for the Decision Tree dataset as well as the Naïve Bayes dataset. The first chart shows that the value of 1 for prediction (category is mostly concentrated with the range of 0 to 500 in terms of WC. The tree points which can be seen for prediction (category) as 0 can be considered as outliers as one of the value is extremely higher than the rest. Maybe is a different value was present the distribution of the points might have changed. The second chart shows that the trend lines are consistent for a group of values and have a sharp fall or rise depending on the data points. The sharp fall when considered in the mirror opposite of the sharp rise in the trend lines. This change in value to either 0 or 1 corresponds to the predicted (category) value of 0. The third chart has been designed for the data collected from the Naïve Bayes classification algorithm. Here also we can see that the value for prediction (category) of 1 has the highest number of values within the range of 0 to 500 and there is the inclusion of the large value which can be considered to be an outlier for this data set also. However it can be seen that there is a change in the points in the prediction (category) of 0. This is due to the process of calculation of the two different algorithms which cause minute error to be incorporated into the calculation. The fourth chart gives the ides of the prediction (Category) alongside the confidence values for 0 and 1. The 3 smaller lines which end at 1 are the ones which has been predicted to be 0.

Subject Name: Computer Science

Level: Postgraduate

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