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Data Breaches Under Telstra Information Technology

Task: The purpose of this assignment is to find recent news that invctves information security breaches, analyse the chosen news and produce a report. You are to researct a real life business example of your choice and the impact of IT on that business. Important points 1) Does your chosen business need IT? 2) Why IT is important for business survival? 3) What is required to apply IT into your chosen business? (le. cost, planning, designing. equipment, installation training, etc .) 4) How does your chosen business use IT? (internally such as employees and externally such as customers, suppliers) 5) What benefits and advantages does IT bring to your chossen business? 6) What type of risks does IT bring to your chosen business? (I.e. scurity. privacy) 7) How can your choosen business maintain and monitor IT?

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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