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Describe 3 differences between US GAAP and IFRS

1. What is IFRS?

2. What is GAAP?

3. What is FASB?

4. What is IASB?

5. What is the SEC?

6. How many countries have adopted IFRS? Why do you think the US has not fully and officially adopted IFRS?

7. Describe 3 differences between US GAAP and IFRS?

8. Describe your IRFS article and provide the link.

9. Describe your IFRS video and provide the link.

10. What do you think about IFRS?

Requirements: Two pages minimum required in Microsoft Word with proper heading, editing and clear presentation. Include your sources including a minimum of 1 article and 1 video in a “Works Cited” section. APA format is not required but is fine if that is your preference. Submit in JetNet on time. See Syllabus Schedule for all assignments details and due dates.

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