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Describe The Working Of A Full Adder Circuit

Task: Part 1: Using the CMOS integrated circuits, design a combinational full adder circuit system with the help of a digital arithmetic system. Considering every logic level, check the working of the circuit. With the help of data sheets, compare the specifications of your circuit with AND, OR and Exclusive OR gates. Validate your assessment using truth tables. Evaluate the differences in the working of a Sequential and combinational logic devices in a Full Adder Circuit. Part 2: Assess and recommend changes to a digital system's circuit process with respect to the data acquisition approach and the interface used. Bearing in mind the alarm system that you have used for measuring, monitoring and performance tuning of the circuit. Understand and analyze how the system works in terms of collecting the information and communicating the findings within its service, indicating possible improvements. Understand and propose enhancements to the human interaction with the Full Adder Circuit.

Subject Name: Engineering

Level: Undergraduate

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