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Design Thinking Assignment: A Case Study Portfolio

Task: This design thinking assignment is a Case Study Portfolio, which consists of five main tasks. The length of the Case Study Portfolio must be 3000 words. You need to examine the case study (two cases) of creative individuals who have invented, designed, developed and introduced innovative products. • James Dyson, an inventor, entrepreneur and product designer, and his innovative designs of Wheelbarrow and Vacuum Cleaner; • Mark Sanders, a product designer and design consultant, and his novel design of Folding Bicycle. Task 1: Analyze the characteristics of design thinkers to be creative for the product development process. Your analysis should provide a critical evaluation of the cases. Task 2: Evaluate the role of design thinking that where these creative design ideas came from for both the cases. Task 3: By considering the design thinking process, evaluate how inventors developed the new ideas into successful products. Task 4: Discuss the problems faced by the both inventors in getting novel products on to the market as new innovations. Task 5: Critique whether or not the ArchiMate visual modelling language helps the designers to visualize their designs for innovative product development.

Subject Name: Computer Science

Level: Undergraduate

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