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Did you believe fundamental value to capture the market value? Why or why not?

Work on the excel for Boeing’s dividend discount model. Work on the company Boeing, use the excel worksheet and build your own dividend discount model. Based on the Boeing company’s financial statement, what you expected to find based on your understanding of the firm's business, its stability, growth, market and other attributes. Did you believe fundamental value to capture the market value? Why or why not? What are the assumptions you made and why? Although you should write about all important assumptions, you need to address the growth, interest rate and horizon assumptions in some details. What is short term and what is long term in your analysis? Why? What are the sources of data you used? Consistency across the models. Did you make same interest rate and growth assumptions? Why or why not. When write the paper Giving some interesting facts, why choosing Boeing company ? Growth rate, where you find it what number do you use it? Give reason why you pick this growth rate. General assumption: average growth, apply to income, CAPM discount rate, EPS growth rate, constant dividends payout ratio growth on earnings, growth on residual income, growth on abnormal income, Make assumptions on the growth for future year, 2017-2020 Select on the valuation model, what ratio do you choose? P/E P/B ratios analysis for comparison. Here are the grading criteria Selection of Firm: Why is it interesting? Data Collection Assumptions and justification Use of alternative models and analysis Comparison of Results and Reflection

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