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Digital forensics assignment: Reflection on Lessons Learned

Task: Task 1: Reflection on digital forensics assignment on Hands-on Projects Complete the following hands-on projects from your textbook: Hands-on activity from Chapter 1, page 43 - 52 including analysing digital evidence using Autopsy and exploring additional features of Autopsy Hands-on Project 1-3 Hands-on Project 1-6 Deliverable: Write a 1000 - 1500 words (up to five A4 pages) report on lessons learned from these projects. Comment on some of the features you learnt using Autopsy in hands-on activity 1 and reflect on lessons learnt for remaining two hands-on projects. You can write at least two lessons learned from each of the hands-on projects. Task 2: Case Projects (5 marks) Complete the Hands-on Projects 4-4 and 4-5 from your textbook (Nelson, Phillips, &Steuart, 6th edition, 2019, p. 191-192). In these projects you will be working with FTK Imager Lite and will be exploring hash values of text files. Once complete these projects using FTK Imager Lite, repeat the hash value calculations using WinHex editor as well. Compare the hashing results from any two tools, i.e. FTK Imager, WinHex editor and Get-FileHash. Deliverable: Write a 500-1000 words paper after completing these projects and report what have you learned about the hashing functions and also the digital forensics tool, FTK Imager Lite and WinHex editor. Provide screenshots of the steps completed in the projects showing the results of hash values of files used. Show your results of the hash values on MS Word document. For tasks 1 and 2 deliverables: When you work on Hands-on project and screenshots to support the progress or steps, the screenshot must include at least your Interact 2 login name and date as a proof of your work. For each task or Hands-on, one snapshot of your working screen showing i2 site, your login and date will suffice the requirements. Mark will be reduced or will be awarded zero for any tasks or Hands-on projects that do not comply with this requirements. An exemplar screenshot will be available on subject i2 site. Task 3: Research Project Research at least three hex editors available for digital forensics investigations that you can use for your investigations. Write a one to two page paper describing different features of these three hex editors. Also, describe how these hex editors can be used to validate the digital evidence.Deliverable: Write a 500-1000 word report that outlines various features of hex editors and their digital evidence validation capabilities.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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