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Digital Health Assignment: Evaluation of HealthTap& I am Sober Applications

Task: Digital Health Assignment Task Instructions Step 1: Go to this link for You will find a series of mobile apps and tools for health and well-being in the Australian context. Step 2: Select TWO of the interventions that are active for your evaluation. Step 3: Conduct an evaluation for each tool/intervention using these guiding questions: a. What is the primary objective behind this intervention? b. How long has it been active, and are there any apparent results (For example, user feedback, public reviews and so on)? What do these say? Review the qualitative feedback. c. Who is the infrastructure provider/host for the solution? (For example, the solution may be hosted on Microsoft or AWS cloud servers. This would indicate the extent to which the solution is stable and secure.) d. Demographic – Who seems to be using the solution in the past 12 months? Is the solution catering to the socio-cultural requirements in the Australian context? (For example, are the interfaces applicable to indigenous communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and so on?) e. What are the privacy measures apparent from the solution? f. Consider the ethical, legal and regulatory principles, best practices and laws related to the solution in the Australian context. From a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), evaluate the compliance based on the information available. g. Has the solution been actively taken up by the proposed users? What may be the deterrents? h. From a wider global research, are there any comparative solutions available that can be better used instead of this solution? Can these be used in the Australian context? i. From your professional point of view, would the solution help in your work or at a personal level? i. If yes, explain the applicability of the solution in your professional and personal context (if applicable). ii. If no, explain the gaps and provide recommendations on improvement.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Postgraduate

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