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Digital Transformation Assignment: How Disruption Changed Uber Eats?

Task: Digital Transformation Assignment Task: Select an organization and identify a business case where digital disruption is an opportunity for transformation, and use it to develop a strategic plan with the objective of managing the transformation. The strategic plan includes, 1. The specification of goals that the organization would like to achieve 2. The development of the actions needed to achieve those goals and 3. Other critical elements. There are three pieces of the puzzle for a strategic plan, including: 1. Where are we now? 2. Where are we going? 3. How will we get there? Choose the suitable business strategy model(s) for the chosen case and apply it to this organization – also justify why the chosen model(s) is the most applicable for developing the strategic plan. In order to develop a strategic plan, you should 1. Identify the core mission (e.g., identification of the strategic position through the use of a SWOT analysis); 2. Identify a sustainable competitive advantage and 3. Future-based vision 4. Implement a gap analysis 5. Identify the strategic objectives and priorities through the SMART goals 6. Set specific action items to implement the goals 7. Build a communication plan and identify the accountable resources; and review the progress. The word length for this assignment is 2000 to 3000 words,excluding words used in contents, any charts, templates, references, forms or diagrams that you have used to apply the knowledge areas.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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