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Digital Transformation Assignment: Innovation And Sustainability Of Pfizer

Task: You are required to write a 2000-word report for a novel value proposition within an existing business or organization. You must use appropriate headings to structure the body of the report. Your report must demonstrate: Logical and persuasive articulation of: the problem to be solved: problem insight: a portfolio of generated solution concepts: solution selection analysis: value proposition: targeted customers: competitive advantage and strategic fit (this includes elements into 4 in the disciplined entrepreneurship canvas by Aulet (2017. p. xviii) and all elements in the value proposition canvas by Osterwalder. Pigneur. Bernarda, and Smith (2014. pp. 8-9). Logical and persuasive assessment of critical assumptions and uncertainties related to: customer desirability; technical feasibility: and financial viability. Logical and persuasive argumentation for the selection of the innovation tools and techniques used to support the report findings and recommendations. Minimum eight (8) tools and techniques must be selected from the unit textbooks and online materials. Logical and persuasive application of the selected innovation tools and techniques used to support the report findings and recommendations. Minimum height (8) tools and techniques must be applied from the unit textbooks and materials. Candid and critical self-analysis about assessment 1 tasks including: a reflection on the development of personal innovation capabilities and practices: identification of own personal strengths and weaknesses: supported with examples of own behavior. Clear flow of thought throughout the report with: a convincing executive Summary: clear and succinct purpose described in the introduction: relevant structure and content within the body of the report: and a clear and succinct conclusion. Critical review skills and integration of relevant academic and professional literature. A minimum often (lo) academic and professional references must be used. Appropriate in-text referencing and reference list. Adherence to CQ University APA reference style. Clarity of expression. grammar and spelling. Appropriate report format with good use of bullet points, illustrations and figures. Within ±10% of the word limit for report. Excluding references and appendices: 2000 words.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Undergraduate

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