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Discuss a minimum of four (4) benefits of incorporation for a business

Question 1 Answer under mentioned part (a), (b) and (c) using the information given in the ASX website ( (a)What is the share market? How the buying and selling process of the share market work and what is the role of the broker (b)What are the current top 20 shares by value ($ value traded)? (10 marks) (c)What is the current number of listed entities on the ASX and what is the percentage increase since 2008? Question 2 (maximum 200 words) Describe the roles that financial accounting and of management accounting have in providing information to the Board of Directors for their decision making. (Hint: think about the type of information provided) Question 3 (maximum 200 words) Discuss a minimum of four (4) benefits of incorporation for a business. Question 4 (maximum 400 words) You are a manager within a large entity and need to make a recommendation to the CEO whether to accept a tender. The job being tendered for is worth millions of dollars, and you have a significant share in one of the companies tendering. You determined the following three alternative courses of action. (a)Declare your interest and step outside of the decision-making process for this particular tender. (b)Declare your interest and remain part of the decision-making process and complete your recommendation for your company. (c)Don't declare your interest and continue to do your job by making a recommendation. Required: (i)Discuss any ethical issues and principles, and the consequences of each of the three possible courses of action. (15 marks) (ii) Make a decision as to which one of the three possible courses of action is the best course of action. Justify your decision. (5 mark) Please note: 10 marks are allocated for referencing, complying with formatting and submission requirements.

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