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Discuss and critically evaluate the success of harmonization

Topic – “Discuss and critically evaluate the success of harmonization. Choose a country as an example for illustration on how it has adopted IFRS in its attempt to seek harmonization and whether it has been successful with a relevant organization as illustration” the country we choose is Australia.

This is for presentation purpose, can you please write me a script for a speech around 5 minutes long? the presentation requirements :

(1) organization - did the speaker state her topic? was there a main point? were the speech clearly organized into a few sections?

(2) scientific presentation Did the speaker back up her analysis with scientific facts, statistics, statements from authorities, figures from relevant paper? did the speaker define these terms for the class?

(3) Analysis presentation did the speaker provide any evidence of through research and analysis and preparation is the presentation well structured with arguments set out in a concise and persuasive manner and key points emphasized. the file we uploaded is the topics that need to be included in the assignment, not all the points has to be written but please include most of it. please provide me the authorized scientific facts, statistics and statements and the evidence for the research.

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