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Discuss The Charles Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution

Task: Research and write an essay of approximately 1000 words on a topic chosen from the list below. You may use diagrams if you feel they will add to your work but diagrams must be both relevant and fully labeled. All source material must be listed in a bibliography in the Harvard System and be correctly cited in the text of your essay. Marking criteria: your essay must demonstrate that you can: • Research a topic using a range of sources. • Select and organise relevant material to address the title. • Structure paragraphs to develop your ideas in essay format • Write using accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. • Write using suitable academic style and vocabulary. • Construct a bibliography using the Harvard system. • Reference a bibliography of sources to your essay. As part of your portfolio you must submit a draft of your essay to Moodle to be checked for plagiarism. If your essay has a similarity score above 20% you must rewrite in your own words those sections that have be taken directly from source material. 1. Outline Darwin’s arguments to support his theory of evolution of species by natural selection and provide evidence to support this explanation of the diversity and unity of life on earth.

Subject Name: Biology

Level: Undergraduate

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