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We have uploaded all the things that you need. The case study of CG toys is attached here and also the solution of first part that we did in our first group assignment. Now I need the answer. DISCUSS THE ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS ON THE EMPLOYEES OF CHICAGO. According to teacher what he said to me is we need to explain non financial effects it should be in report format and the method of account that they used which is i already explained in case study word file you can have a look on it and go through. include the benefits of using that method, effects to employees and managers, competitive enviroment etc. maximum 4 reference is ok and please go through the question ethical implication. We will make the slide part by myself i will just need a report of 500 words. thank you. If you need anythng just call me anytime. G. G. Toys had decided to produce holiday reindeer dolls in the Chicago plant during July, August, and September. The Chicago plant expanded its production capacity (i.e. machines and leased spaced), and reserved the additional capacity for production of the holiday reindeer. Thus, this capacity would sit idle from October through June. Parker was unsure about how this excess capacity would affect the results of the internal cost study in the Chicago plant and overall plant performance.’ Discuss the ethical implications on the employees of Chicago plant if the plant would become idle during the time period from October to June.

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