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Discuss the suitability of MYOB for your business

Task: In this Assignment you are to evaluate the suitability of MYOB as a possible on-premise BUY solution for your start-up business’ accounting information system (AIS). Your answer must be linked to the start-up business that you proposed in the spreadsheet and to your Assignment 1, and is a necessary logical next step in making choices regarding the AIS for your start-up business. For example, the type of sales and purchases must be consistent with the nature of your business start-up. (1) Discuss the suitability of MYOB for your business This will be about whether MYOB allows you to do the transactions you need in your start-up or whether you need to find a work-around or hack to force the relevant transactions into MYOB. You may find it useful to refer to some of your simulated transactions to explain or provide examples about how MYOB is exactly perfect for your business transactions or not perfect so you need to find a work-around. This part should be no more than one page.

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