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Discussion On Human Resource Management In Cavendish Hall Hotel

Task: Please read the assignment case study in Appendix A. Discuss the rationale for using EITHER performance related pay OR performance appraisals to improve performance levels at the Cavendish Hall Hotel and the role of the line manager in achieving this successfully. Guidelines Your response should consider: • How and to what extent performance appraisals OR performance related pay might improve organisational performance (in ‘theory’ and in ‘practice’). • The characteristics of effective and ineffective appraisal OR pay design and implementation. • The reaction of employees to the performance review OR pay process. • The ability, motivation and opportunity of line managers to design and implement the appraisal OR pay process effectively. Appendix A: Professional Body Mapping Successful completion of this module provides evidence of the learning outcomes for unit 504, (Managing Performance) on the CMI Diploma in Management and Leadership and of the CIPD module 5IOPv2, (Improving Organisational Performance) for BABM (HRM) students. These are outlined below. CMI 504: Managing Performance 1. Understand the rationale for managing performance within organisations 2. Understand frameworks, diagnostics and evaluation tools useud for performance management 3. Know how to manager perfromance CIPD: 5IPOv2 Improving Organizational Performance On completion of this unit, learners will: 1. Understand the concept of high-performance working (HPW) and its contribution to creating and sustaining a high-performance work organisation (HPWO). 2. Understand the contribution of performance management to high levels of performance and the role of line managers in the process. 3. Know how to create and sustain a community of practice to build a high-performance culture.

Subject Name: Human resource management

Level: Undergraduate

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