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Discussion On Person’s Health Behavior Change Diary

Task: In this assessment you are required to: Provide an introduction to your behavior change diary Identify your preferred health behaviour change (selecting ONLY ONE behaviour to change) and justify your choice. Once you have chosen health behaviour DO NOT change it (so be careful when making a decision) Set a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound). Have your classmates provide feedback about your SMART goal. Reflect on how you changed or improved your SMART goal as part of this feedback Reflect on Health Belief Model that might assist you to change your behaviour (Don’t forget to use references in this section). Some examples without the process labels (NOTE: you need to include the name of the process you refer to; the pro’s and con’s associated with changing this behaviour (positive and negative things), how you will think and feel about yourself if you achieve your goal. Consider how confident you feel about making a change Put together an initial PLAN as to how you are going to meet that goal over the next 4 weeks Document your behaviour using the plan over a period of 4 weeks. Consider the anticipated consequences of achieving your goal- what are the positive and negative things associated with reaching your goal. Finally consider how you could potentially maintain the change in the longer term, what might you do if you relapse? Provide a concluding paragraph summarizing what you have learned. How has this assisted you to understand theory and behaviour change?

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Diploma

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