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Discussion On Threat Intelligence Vs Siem

This assessment explores the concept of cyber threat intelligence. The assessment will develop your skills to research and analyse contemporary network security issues and evaluate strategies to mitigate risks facing organisations. Threat Intelligence is currently a popular term used within the cyber security domain. Conduct research on this term from a network security context and answer the following questions Tasks: Define and describe the term Threat Intelligence. Draw a figure or visual diagram to illustrate your description of Threat Intelligence provided in Task 1. You can use any graphic illustration software to complete this task. The figure can be the size of half a page to a full A4 page. Ensure everything in the figure is legible. Add a description at the bottom of the figure clearly describing what the reader is expected to understand from the figure. How is Threat Intelligence different from a SIEM? You should first define what a SIEM is, and then contrast between characteristics of Threat Intelligence and SIEM. Discuss whether Threat Intelligence is important to the following organisations and provide justification. University Local News Agency When you assess the above organisation, make assumptions about the organisations size, functions, and their needs from a business perspective as well as technical requirement. Lastly, consider the kind of threats the organisation is likely to face based on these assumptions. This should allow you to justify your response. Review two commercial/open-source products that offer Threat Intelligence. You review should describe the advantages and disadvantages of these products in your own words . Do not copy-and-paste content from their vendor websites.

Subject Name: Computer Science

Level: Undergraduate

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