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E-Commerce Assignment: Ballarat Trade Fair Consultancy

Objectives : This assessment task relates to the following course objectives: discuss the meaning of e-Commerce from a business and technical perspective appreciate the business environments conducive to the use of successful e-business applications compare and report on the types of e-Commerce and their application to business review the technologies used to deploy an e-business solution apply an understanding of the development needs of a basic e-business website illustrate understanding of the design, maintenance, business principles and administration of an e-Commerce site discuss ethical, social and political issues in e-business Requirements: Your e-business proposal should address: clearly identified e-commerce business model(s how the e-commerce business will derive revenue (i.e. revenue models) what network and communications infrastructure will be required what applications (hardware and software) will be required to meet specific e-commerce business goals how security issues will be addressed how e-marketing requirements will be addressed what choice of payment systems will be made how privacy and other relevant ethical concerns will be addressed how legal issues connected with e-commerce will be addressed how customer service issues will be addressed . how the success of the proposed system will be measured (metrics, tools) a mock-up proposal for an e-business system (e.g. a sample e-commerce web site)

Subject Name: IT Management

Level: Postgraduate

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