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Economics Assignment: An Annotated Bibliography On Public Policy Issues

Task: This Annotated Bibliography assignment will introduce you to the process of identifying, recording, and annotating sources for later use Economics Assignment Topic Economic policy is, in many ways, the centerpiece of other types of public policy, because it represents the ways in which the State is willing to spend money on various policy initiatives, to include fiscal and monetary policy. In this sense, policy debates involve more than just a discussion of a particular policy intervention, but also the greater question of the extent to which the State should be involved in the economy as a whole. In this assignment you are expected cover the following: Define and discuss fiscal and monetary policies. Evaluate the key debates in fiscal and monetary policy, especially in the context of the USA. Discuss key failings of the State in the areas of fiscal and monetary policy. Evaluate the above with a biblical model of government and statesmanship. Instructions For this economics assignment, you are required to write an Annotated Bibliography in which you: Identify at least ten sources that are relevant to an economic public policy issue that you may be interested in researching for your dissertation. State and briefly describe, in a few sentences, the public policy issue you intend to explore in this assignment. Annotate each source with a summary of at least 50 words. Each annotation should state the central thesis of the source being cited. Each annotation should explain how the source’s author(s) support their thesis. Each annotation should evaluate the relevance or applicability of the source to your research interest.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Undergraduate

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