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Economics Assignment: Case Analysis Of Trinity Petroleum Services

Task: Economics AssignmentTask description The first research task is divided into two sections. In Section 1, you will present a background of your chosen organisation and your research topic of interest. Research Topic – How can service stations in Far North Queensland reduce electrical costings. Context Organisation- Trinity Petroleum Services (TPS) operates 17 fuel stations across Far North Queensland. Current competitors are becoming more environmentally aligned with customers wants and needs plus saving on costs due to solar panels and better cooling units (fridges, freezers and air cons). As the industry changes with more economic vehicles, hybrids, and full electric vehicles, Trinity Petroleum currently has no interest in change, holding site performance and consumers back. Company website - TPS does not own any of the service station sites but have long standing leases on the buildings and good repour with the lessor. In Section 2 you will conduct a review of published material in the academic and industry/business literature.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Undergraduate

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