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Economics Assignment: International Political Economy &Global Imbalance

Task: Economics Assignment Part A: Structural Frameworks/Theoretical Traditions Describe in your own words, and citing appropriate sources, the following theoretical traditions of International Political Economy (200 words each a. Realism ? international economy as a vital economic tool b. Liberalism? roles of international economic institutions c. Marxism? class struggle and colonies at international level ECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT PART B: Critical Analysis The Global economy faces some huge unsustainable imbalances that taken together with the Global banking system's fragility and the failure of 9 years of low-interest rates to have done much to help out the Global Economic leave the Global economy in a fragile state. The Covid-19 pandemic is another economic shock that needs political decisions to mitigate the negative economic and political impacts. One of these substantial Global imbalances is the trade deficit between the USA and China and the USA and the EU. In light of the above, please answer the following questions: 1. Assess the current magnitude of the trade imbalances between the USA and China and the USA and the European Union. (800 words) Critically analyze the impact of the Covid-19 lock-down political decisions on the trade imbalances. The imposition of trade tariffs. Present your findings using numerical analysis and charts. 2. Offer some analysis of what you think the global economy's effects maybe should the trade imbalances continue to grow. Here you can reference, for example, the effects on exchange rates, employment, and wages in the USA, China, and the European Union economies.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Undergraduate

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