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Environmental Law Assignment: Portfolio Analysis On Climate Change

Task: For this assessment, each student will be analyzing two news articles for tutorial discussion and submission on two separate weeks (3 & 5). The emphasis is on identifying the marketing implications for the events or incidents described in the article. Students are required to choose ONE of the news articles (from the list below) that focuses on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and write marketing implications of the news. The first two tutorial weeks are designed to discuss how to analyze the sample news articles that focuses on UNSDGs. Specific questions that students need to answer include: (1) Which of the UNSDGs does the new article relate to? (2) Who are the important stakeholders? (3) What potential marketing issues can be identified from the article? (4) How would you respond to these issues and why? For the last question students are required to include minimum of 5 references for each submission. This is an individual assessment with a maximum word limit of 1000 for each article analysis. Only references used in text should be included in your reference list. The references should consist of published academic and research papers and textbooks in the write-up to support key points. Ensure that your references are relevant to the issues discussed. Referencing should follow the APA style. Each article analysis submission is worth 10% equating to a total of 20% of the mark for the unit. Tutorial class activities in weeks 1 and 2 are designed to assist students in preparing for1a assessment (due on Friday, week 3) and 1b assessment (due on Friday, week 5).Tutors will take note of the participants in class. Distance/online/flex students will discuss their analysis of articles 1a and 1b in the allocated Moodle discussion forum in weeks 3 and5, respectively. Any assessment with a ‘Turnitin’ score of more than 25% will be checked by the marker and unit coordinator for potential plagiarism issues although it may not necessarily mean that you have plagiarized. If there is a substantial similarity score in the ‘Turnitin’ report, your assessment could be forwarded to an appropriate office/authority. Following are the list of articles for assessment 1a and 1b. You only need to choose one article for each of the assessments. Choosing a different article than the ones listed below can result in no mark given for the assessment.

Subject Name: Economics

Level: Undergraduate

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