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Essay on Primary Health Care in New Zealand

Task: Part 1: a. How do the socio-political and cultural determinants impact on the health of individual, whanau/family, organisations and communities? b. Identify and explain the socio-political and cultural health determinants that impact the health of three different cultural or ethnic groups in Aotearoa/New Zealand c. Analyse the implications of the health determinants to the overall health outcomes in Aotearoa/New Zealand Part 2: Analyse five principles of primary healthcare that relate to Aotearoa/New Zealand Part 3: a. Develop a Health Promotion Project addressing one of the identified health challenges in New Zealand/Aotearoa. Project must clearly include vision, mission, background, challenges and future plan. b. Analyse the application of the Ottawa Charter as the global framework for the Health Promotion Project that you developed in part a. c. Analyse underpinning theories of the developed Health Promotion Project.

Subject Name: Health Care

Level: Postgraduate

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