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Ethical Hacking Assignment: A Proactive & Adversarial Approach To Secure Systems

Task: For the practical part of this ethical hacking assignment, you will have to build three Virtual Machines (VM): A Linux Server You could use CentOS or Ubuntu Server Minimum configuration required DNS An additional service of your own choice (e.g. DHCP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP etc) A Client Could be either Windows (Visa, 7, 8, 10 etc) or Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu etc) You could create multiple copies of the client’s VM if you require more clients to demonstrate an attack Attacker machine Kali Linux (the most recent version is highly recommended) Assignment Tasks and Deliverables The main submission is a single individual report consisting of two parts as follows: Part A In this first part of the assignment, you are required to: Provide a summary of the configuration steps on the server and client. Include screenshots to evident functionality at the client-side. Discuss the rationale behind service selection and configuration. Demonstrate a minimum of 2 attacks against each of the two services configured. Any further and complex attacks will attract more marks. Log all the important and offensive events against your target including attacks detected, services’ logs nature, origin of the attack and damage caused. Support your demonstration with screenshots. Critically reflect on countermeasures and prevention mechanisms applied to militate against your attacks. Part B In the second part of the report, you are required to write a short position paper to critically analyse and reflect on recent state-of-the-art attacks and hacking techniques, followed by a discussion on possible countermeasures.

Subject Name: Information System

Level: Undergraduate

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