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Ethical issues assignment: Use of ICT

Assignment Description Students will be assigned in a group of five (5) students from the same laboratory class. You must notchange your group unless approved by your tutor. Please select one of the topics below and inform yourtutor the topic you have chosen. Group must elect a group leader and only one submission per group isrequired on Moodle. All students must collaborate in this group assignment and contribute equally. Group leader should report their progress on a regular basis to relevant tutor. Every student must participate in peer assessment on the SPARKPLUS system after submission on Moodle. SPARKPLUS Guide for students is available on Moodle. Part 1: In this section you need to find an online newspaper article that discussed privacy/security breachesinvolving an organization. For example customer data stolen from an organization by cybercriminals. Provide screen shot of the article and provide a clear summary of the issue presented in this article and its importance. Use ethical reasoning here. PART 2: Topic 1: In 2017, Facebook’s “People Insights” blog published a post titled “What Mends a Broken Hearton Facebook.” In it, the company’s researchers detailed insights that they had gathered byexamining “how the break-up moment influenced the online behaviors of people across France,the Netherlands, Poland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom who indicated onFacebook that they recently went through a break up.” “One of their findings was that “there could be a gap between the break up itself and theFacebook post announcing it. During the two weeks before and the two weeks after their breakup announcement,” they explained, users “accepted more than one invitation to an event 40%more than [during] the 60 days before and 60 days after their announcement.”“The researchers also noted that “’Healing,’ ‘detox,’ ‘drowning sorrows,’ ‘binge watching’and ‘suffering’ are just some of the words and phrases that are more pronounced in men’s postsbefore they mark themselves ‘Single.’ The same types of words and phrases are more pronouncedin women’s posts on the actual day of their announcement.”“As to what helps people get over a breakup, Facebook researchers wrote that “[g]aining newexperiences… seems to be more therapeutic than buying things.” Under the subhead “What itmeans for marketers,” the post then asks, “How can brands be a part of the journey to help mendpeople’s broken hearts?” Suggested answers include “Empathize with them” and “Offer themnew experiences.” The post concludes by encouraging potential Facebook advertising clients:“Tracking signals of intent to travel, experience new things or take up a new hobby can help youreach this group with a relevant ad at the right time.” (Raicu, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics2020) Topic 2: “Sarah was recently promoted to a managerial position at her industrial engineering company.With her new position, she is now responsible for overseeing the company’s production factory,meaning approximately 50 factory workers now report to her. Although Sarah previouslyworked as an engineer and does not have any experience running a factory, she is excited tobegin her new position”. “At the end of her first day, Sarah is confused to see her factory workers continuing to work well past the end of their 8-hour shift. She then goes to the factory supervisor (who reports to her) toexpress concern because the factory does not have the budget to pay so many workersovertime. The supervisor smiles at Sarah and explains that the factory meets production goalsby making the factory workers work off the clock. The workers are well aware of thisexpectation and went along with it in order to keep their jobs. Sarah is shocked to learn thisillegal practice had become part of the company culture, but the supervisor explains that thecompany’s CEO (who is Sarah’s boss) is well aware of this expectation” (Bartlett, MarkkulaCenter for Applied Ethics 2020)

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Postgraduate

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