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Ethics case study on social networking application ‘Path’

Task: Assessment items 3 & 4 are linked. In Assessment 3 you will create a simple argument visualisation using the MindMup software. In Assessment 4, you will produce a report which details the argument you construct in your argument visualisation (this assessment). Choose ONE of the following media articles or case studies: Data Collection: “Harvesting” Personalities Online - An Ethics Case Study Who decides who dies in driverless car accidents? Do We Want Robot Warriors to Decide Who Lives or Dies? If computers think for themselves, should they have human rights? Apps and Privacy - An Ethics Case Study This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to identify ethical issues related to ICT. be able to apply ethical theories to ethical problems. be able to analyse ethical situations using critical thinking techniques. This assessment, together with Assessment 4, extends the skills practiced in Assessment items 1 and 2, to help you to achieve majority of the learning objectives of this subject. In addition to identifying a contentious situation in ICT and dissecting the argument(s) about it, you must also now demonstrate the ability to evaluate the elements of the argument by applying classical ethical theories, where appropriate. Since Assessment item 1 and 2, your knowledge will have grown, and you will now realise that almost all ICT ethical dilemmas can be classified under one of the main ICT ethical issues that are discussed in this subject; for instance, surveillance is a sub-issue of privacy, harmful software is a sub-issue of ICT professionalism, and piracy is a sub-issue of intellectual property. In ICT, the main ethical issues are taken to be: ICT professionalism Privacy Security Cyber-crime Intellectual property Regulation on the internet Social inclusion Community and identity Pervasive and convergent computing The assessment item is designed to help you to build skills towards achieving the learning objectives, by requiring you to: identify an ICT-related ethical issue from a media article or case study; apply classical ethical theory to the analysis of an ethically dilemma to determine the rightness or wrongness of actions/decisions made therein; derive logical and justifiable conclusions to resolve the ethical issue(s);and, present the argument in a visual format.

Subject Name: Information Technology

Level: Undergraduate

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