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Exclusion Clause: Tort Of Negligence

Task: With regards to this case, discuss about the tort of negligence and the relevant laws: Extravaganza Inc. owns and runs a huge performance hall used for a range of services from rock shows to vintage exhibitions. Several thousands of people are drawn to activities at this location so safety can be a serious matter. Guests to an event must usually pass through an entry point connected to a computerized assessment mechanism, indicating the presence of dangerous items. The software is quite outdated and is unmaintained. The security system breaks down approximately once every month. Since the malfunction occurs without alert, it would be hard to organize for additional security staff to check for guests by checking them for unauthorised items. Hand-held scanners can be issued to current security personnel, but that would be costly and Events Inc. is of the view that the expense would not be warranted because they would not be used much of the times. Petra is one of the people, who were majorly injured when, on one of the occasions the system failed, after getting drunk at the pub, Jason, another rock show-goer, lost his temper and aimlessly shoots at the everyone around him. Assuming Extravaganza Inc. owes Petra a responsibility, considering the questions raised by these findings about the level of care and the gross negligence.

Subject Name: Civil Law_x000D_

Level: Undergraduate

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