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Explain importance of the time value of money, risk return, cash flow when making business decision

Explain the importance of the time value of money, risk and return and cash flow when making informed business decisions including capital budgeting. ï‚· Understand working capital management ï‚· Evaluate the concept of optimal capital structure Submission Date Week 12 Assessment Brief ï‚· Students need to write a short report based on a case study which will be uploaded into the moodle in week 4. ï‚· The assignment requires student to discuss/solve problems, apply capital budgeting techniques (NPV, IRR etc.) and perform calculation to support capital budgeting decision making ï‚· Responses need to be given for the specific questions raised in the case study. ï‚· All the calculations need to be shown in the document. ï‚· Make a brief theoretical discussion under themes of each question. ï‚· Finally, results need to be presented in a formal report format. At the same time recommendations must be given by analysing and interpreting the findings that are derived from the calculations. ï‚· Word limit: Maximum length 1500 words (+/ – 10%) - not including the title page, executive summary, table of contents and appendices Weighting

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