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Explain providing reasons whether you believe qualitative or quantitative approach is appropriate

You are a member of the health and safety committee at the Quick and Fast Courier Company. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver packages quickly throughout Australia. The company has offices in each state of Australia. Recently there has been a number of new staff employed, and changes have been made to the safety training for the new employees. At the same time there has been a significant increase in workplace accidents. The company wants to determine if the changes to training and the influx of new employees are related to the increases in workplace accidents. They ask you to carry out the research for them.

Requirements for task 1:

a) Explain, providing reasons, whether you believe, a qualitative or a quantitative approach is appropriate for this research. (While a mixed method might be a suitable option please choose only between a qualitative or a quantitative approach.) (Requirement A = 4 marks) b) Write a research proposal outlining how you will go about this task. In your proposal address the following: (Requirement B = 14 marks) · the objective of the research (2 Marks) · the type of data that will be collected (4 Marks) · how the data will be collected (4 Marks) · how data will be analysed. (4 Marks) Task two – analyzing data obtained from semi-structured interviews. (Total 18 Marks) Twelve months ago your firm initiated a new procedure for booking business-related travel. There have been a number of complaints about the process. You have been given the task of interviewing 20 people who have recently used the travel system.

Requirements for task 2:

a) Provide three examples of questions you might ask in your interviews. (Requirement A = 9 marks)

b) Once you have undertaken your interviews and transcribed them, explain the steps you will take to analyse the interviews to come to some conclusions. (Requirement B = 9 marks) Task three – mixed methods (Total 14 Marks)

Requirements for task 3:

a) Distinguish between explanatory sequential mixed methods and exploratory sequential mixed methods explaining when each type of research design might be appropriate. (Requirement A = 8 marks)

b) Read the article by Freudenberg et al. (2014). What type of mixed method design has been used? (Requirement B = 2 marks)

c) What justification do Freudenberg et al. (2014) give for the mixed method design they have chosen? (Requirement C = 4 marks) Task four – research in management accounting

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