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Fiduciary Assignment On Remuneration And Reward Schemes

Task & Timing: The Topic Report (40%) involves exploring a contemporary issue in marketing financial services, assessing the evidence, and making evidence-based recommendations for marketers. Reports are due by 4.00pm on Friday of Week 6. Report Topics Select a topic area from the options below and address the contemporary issue for that topic. The textbook and lectures will introduce each topic. Students should then source additional insights and evidence from academic journal articles, industry publications, and general media. Topic Area 1.Marketing Orientation of the Big Four Banks 2.Conscious Leadership and Decision Making 3.Fiduciary Responsibility and Rewards Contemporary Issue 1. Page 4 of the Deloitte (2019)* report speaks of reorienting systems towards consumers and having smart solutions. What has been the dominant marketing orientation of the Big Four banks and what are the consumer-oriented alternatives? What is behind this call for change and what smart solutions would help the Big Four to make such changes? 2. Page 7 of the Deloitte (2019)* report speaks of the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR) and the accountable persons obligations specified by APRA (2018, p9).What prompted the introduction of the accountable person regime for ADIs? What is the likely impact on leadership and decision making? How can ADIs use this regime as inopportunity to create shared value for stakeholders? 3. Page 8 of the Deloitte (2019)* report speaks of replacing remuneration schemes that incentivize problematic conduct with purpose-aligned approaches that will ultimately benefit wider groups of stakeholders.In what ways have remuneration schemes fostered problematic conduct? How would purpose-aligned approaches be different and generate benefits for other stakeholders? What exactly might such schemes involve for staff at different levels?

Subject Name: Finance

Level: Undergraduate

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