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financial analysis essay on MiFID II

Task: Drawing on a wide range of sources, and within 1200 words (approx five pages), answer the following question: What impact is Europe’s Mifid II directive having on how financial analysis is paid for, and thus on the role and incentives for financial analysts? The evidence that you use to answer this question should be mainly derived from research that is published in academic journals, but as this is a fast moving area, you may use some good quality non-academic sources, such as the FT, Wall Street Journal or the Economist. Learning outcomes assessed Evaluate critically the assumptions underlying various financial models and relevant implications; Communicate complex ideas effectively through verbal and written means; Demonstrate an ability to conduct an independent research and critical analysis. Assessment criteria – see below for more detailed explanation Use of literature Critical approach to sources Application of theory to issues and practice Presentation

Subject Name: Finance

Level: Undergraduate

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