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Fleetwood Corporation Case Study: Financial And Business Performance Information

Task: Case Study - Fleetwood Corporation Financial Consultation Annual Report 2018 of Fleetwood Corporation to be read – the report can be downloaded via the internet – and on student resources portal – Moodle. Fleetwood Corporation website: Fleetwood Corporation Financial Reports: Project Instructions For this assessment you are required to: · Take on the role of a financial consultant · The assessor will take on the role of the CEO – Fleetwood Corporation – Client (Assessor) · You will be given the Fleetwood Corporation’s Financial Report for recent two years (2017/2018), which contains detailed financial information of Fleetwood Corporation Business. These Annual Reports (2017/2018) serves as background information for Fleetwood Corporation and forward strategic planning (Please check the relevant information from the Fleetwood Corporation Website) · Fleetwood Corporation’s CEO have contracted in financial consultants to review the financial performance and to make financial recommendations for the next 2 years (2019/2020) · Write a financial/business management report Report Submission Standards: Professional business report format: Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Main Contents, Conclusion etc. Font (size 11 or 12, Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial) No significant spelling and grammar errors Word limits: 2500-3000 Words Header: Unit Code, Unit Name and Task Name Footer: Student Name/ ID and page number Appendix: list all information resources and references Complete the following Tasks 1-4. Section One - Analyze Data Write a financial/business management report to the CEO, Fleetwood Corporation – your client – that outlines the following: 1. A PESTLE, SWOT Analysis based on the information supplied in the Annual Reports (2017/2018) from Fleetwood Corporation 2. Complete a financial analysis on Profitability, Efficiency and Stability of Fleetwood Corporation based on the financial statements supplied. (by financial ratio analysis) 3. Examine the sales, profit, cash flow, debts/ liabilities and assets to identify the following in a report: a. Issues: I. Identify, describe and prioritize significant issues that are evidenced in the annual report of Fleetwood Corporation and describe reasons or causes of these issues. Include in this issue of financial variability that you have identified or considered when monitoring these budgets b. Performance: I. Identify the Fleetwood Corporation’s expectation, goals and business objectives ii. Identify the relevant legal and financial requirements for the Fleetwood Corporation iii. Compare and review financial performance of the organization (according to financial information provided) to industry benchmarks for this organization in line with the business strategic objectives iv. Develop suitable business operation plan with performance KIPs to achieve the business goals within agreed timeframes v. Develop a plan to review and monitor the progress of business operation plan and respond to Fleetwood Corporations needs c. Profitability Analysis: I. Complete profitability analysis of the Fleetwood Corporation for Gross Profit, Net Profit by examining the financial statements in 2017/2018 ii. Identify the return on assets (Net Profits/ Total Assets) iii. Provide comments on the Profitability trends align with business objectives (2019/2020) d. Efficiency Analysis: I. Complete efficiency analysis of the Fleetwood Corporation for inventory turnover and A/C recoverable turnover ratio ii. Identify the Asset turnover ratio iii. Provide comments on the efficiency trends align with business objectives (2019/2020) e. Stability Analysis: I. Complete the Debt/Asset ratio, Current Ratio, Quick Ratio analysis ii. Identify the significant financial risk factors iii. Provide comments on the efficiency trends align with business objectives (2019/2020) Evidence Required A completed PESTLE Analysis report A competed SWOT Analysis report A completed financial analysis report of profitability, efficiency and stability A completed suitable business operation plan with performance KPIs to achieve the business goals within agreed timeframe A plan to monitor progress of business operation plan Section Two - Prepare and provide financial and performance advice to Fleetwood Corporation 4. Fleetwood Corporations financial and performance advice a. Outline your recommendations for ongoing financial viability for Fleetwood Corporation, based on your assessment of the issues, reasons for variances and organizational performance you have identified b. Include in this section your plans for managing risks and contingencies and future cash flows c. Advise Fleetwood Corporation on any options of risk management and right and obligations and tax management issues d. Advise in your report to the CEO, Fleetwood Corporation - Your Client (Assessor) on new or alternative finance sources and features of short-term and long-term finance options. Evidence Required to Submit At least 4 recommendations/ advices on financing sources, risk contingency management, Tax Management and short-term/long-term finances in 2019/2020

Subject Name: Finance

Level: Undergraduate

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