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For good spreadsheet design it is very important that you have completely separate data entry

1. For every question requiring a spreadsheet solution, paste the Word file displaying row and column headings including the spreadsheet normal view and formula view. Thus your Word file will provide a complete answer to every question. The pasted formula view may need to have adjusted column widths to display formulas correctly. Use portrait orientation wherever possible. The separate submitted Excel file will provide a clear demonstration of correct spreadsheet structures. You may need to break up your report/solution into separate images. 2. For good spreadsheet design it is very important that you have completely separate data entry and solution/report areas. A good spreadsheet solution format is to key in the question in a structure which allows the solution to be completely formula driven. There should be no data in the report/solution area. 3. Create all spreadsheets solutions as separate spreadsheets in one workbook. Name the tags at the bottom of the computer screen with the question number, and sub-section as appropriate. See examples in the Spreadsheet Advice PDF in Interact Resources. 4. Save your workbook with the cursor in cell A1 of the first spreadsheet. 5. Where appropriate, use the IF function to provide built in checks of balances, net profit/net loss, favorable/unfavorable variances etc. 6. How can you display negative numbers in brackets? Google the question! Hint. Format / Cells / Number and select Custom. Enter this: #,##0;(#,##0);0. 7. We have provided spreadsheet examples to guide you in the Spreadsheet Advice PDF in Interact2 Resources - it is important that you study these examples. Also consider using the spreadsheet templates available with your text and other online spreadsheet resources but note that the text templates do not necessarily comply with the subject spreadsheet requirements. Solutions to questions should vary in length according to the nature of the question. Solutions to exercises and problem questions should be in a similar form to that demonstrated in the text

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